From London to Helsinki and From the turn of the millennium to this day. curiosity towards Nordic ingredients & modern approach to all flavours in a glass or on the plate.

Curious by nature, our team of design-minded researchers and a flavour lovers is exceptionally equipped to create and design flavour experiences and experiments. 

The story of Flavour Ventures started from an idea that a cocktail is more than an alcohol delivery vehicle. It is a total experience with a story to tell.

The drive and curiosity to try new things have expanded Flavour Ventures activities into a whole new level. Design, flavours and experiences have always been the core of Flavour Ventures. With a span of many activities like restaurants, events, product development, flavour development and different sorts of consulting Flavour Ventures acts today like a flavour design agency creating flavour journeys for people to experience.


Driven by the big picture

So where's the flavour?Theoretical knowledge and pragmatic experience in conceptualising ideas and taking them into practice has awarded the title of chief conceptualist. Requires also background knowledge and understanding of different business models and capabilities required to implement them.At the end driven by the big picture and focus on strategic thinking in order develop business and new opportunities.

Consequently, strong experience in opportunity recognition and network-based models for partnering and creating new co-operation models. Pragmatism combined with a strong theoretical understanding of strategic management, marketing and entrepreneurship.


Finnish by origin, International to the bone

The Master Flavourist. 

Born and raised in Helsinki and moved to London, UK in year 1999 to study B.A. degree in Theatre Dance. As everything happens by chance in the world after long career in London nightlife he ended up working as the Head Bartender Atlantic Bar & Grill, Dick’s Bar, maybe one of the most legendary and influential cocktail bars in the world at this time. This road laid the foundation for Timo to work in the global cocktail industry as a Nordic cocktail pioneer, international competition judge and a cocktail trainer in Finland and abroad.

Timo has indeed some experience as industry cocktail trainer - he has been conducting cocktail schools for more than 10 000 consumers and professionals during the last 15 years. During this he was also

awarded as a Pro Bartender  in 2010 and wrote also a bartenders manual book published in Finland.

Timo's philosophy of making cocktails is that a cocktail is a harmonious combination of flavours and it's wrapped in a story. Nordic ingredients are  the speciality of TImo and one important source of inspiration and passion when creating modern cocktails.