Snapshots of our wildest project throughout the years

VEEN Nordic Mixers

The smoothest water in the world with a hint of Nordic nature

Our favourite way to use Nordic Mixers the combination of fine spirits and Nordic Mixers whereby slightly more mixer is used in a drink than what we generally see with cocktails. 

This is where the nuances of Nordic flavours come across in their finest form. The taste of ethanol is minimized, and the delicate flavours of the spirit are elevated and paired with the gently carbonated, natural tastes of the Nordic Mixers.


Cocktail tools for everyone

Experience Kit is your guide to the world of cocktails. It is a perfect turnkey solution for beginners and a set of inspiration with unmatched tools for professionals.

Choco Cocktails

A story on your palate

Choco Cocktails are A21’s interpretation on modern chocolate confectionaries. Every confectionary is inspired by A21’s legendary Nordic cocktails and created in cooperation with chocolate master Jarmo Laitinen.

beer/ Cocktail

Combining cocktail with beer

Created to demonstrate how craft beer works in cocktails. A combination of a real cocktail and beer, packed in a can for easy enjoyment. This project is run in a co-operation with Hedönist brew.